Top Six Issues for Settlement Implementation

Talley Wells
January 5, 2011

1.         HOUSING:  Will DBHDD provide significant state subsidies for housing for the target population in the Settlement Agreement?  Lack of quality independent housing for people getting out of Georgia Regional is the number one problem for discharges.  Most people who don’t go to families or to their own homes are sent to personal care homes with no additional funding and where the personal care home operators are the representative payees for disability checks.  The housing provisions are vague in the Settlement Agreement.  How will they be interpreted?

2.         TRANSPARENCY OF IMPLEMENTATION:  How will the Settlement Agreement be    implemented?  How will services go on line?  How will everyone learn about services as they go on line?  How can people sign up for services?  How will people be prioritized as services go on line?  How will contracting/RFPs work?  Who will the point people be?  How can there be feedback on the process for advocates and self-advocates?

3.         PROCEDURE FOR RAISING CONCERNS:  How will advocates and self-advocates be able to raise concerns about implementation of Settlement Agreement? 

4.         MEDICAID:  How will the state bring more services on line through Medicaid?  What services will be provided?  Will DBHDD and DCH be able to work together?  What is going to happen to 1915i application?  How will people who don’t currently receive SSI get services?  How will the state improve the process for getting SSI for people with mental illness?

5.         BRIDGING HOSPITALS TO COMMUNITY:  How will implementation occur for bridging needs and person-centered discharge planning in the hospital with community, CSBs, and each individual’s personal networks? 

6.         OLMSTEAD PLANNING COMMITTEE:  The Olmstead Planning Committee ended the year doing good work.  It created an important forum for everyone involved in Olmstead implementation to get together.  It had a very effective Olmstead Coordinator.  Will it continue under Governor Deal and after termination of Voluntary Compliance Agreement?  What will happen to the Olmstead Plan?