Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Series on the GNETS

We're reviewing 2016 news coverage of the "Georgia Network for Educational and Therapeutic Support" or "GNETS". Here is a three part series written by Alan Judd for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution; the series details various concerning features of the "psychoeducational" schools.
“Schools send disproportionate numbers of black children to programs already under fire for ‘warehousing’ students with behavioral disorders.”

“Educators wanted to subject Libby Beem to behavioral experimentation in Georgia’s unique system of psychoeducational schools. A courtroom showdown would determine Libby’s fate.”

Part 3; May 8, 2016; Physical restraint common at psychoeducational schools
“With a tiny sliver of students, special behavioral programs record five times more restraints than all other Georgia schools combined.”

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