Tuesday, May 23, 2017

DOJ Files Complaint Over GNETS

In order to summarize GNETS developments from 2016, we've gathered news articles covering the progress of the lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice. We've also posted links to the letter of intent, press release and the complaint issued by the Department of Justice.

News Coverage

After eight months of unsuccessful negotiation, the Justice Department decides to sue the State of Georgia. Alan Judd reports on the issues under negotiation and the DOJ’s rationale for pursuing legal action.

Alan Judd reports on the State’s defense against the DOJ’s complaint. As Judd explains, the state’s attorneys claim that the federal government does not have standing to sue under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Department of Justice rebuts Georgia’s claim that the DOJ lacks standing, and they claim that resolving this dispute about standing will be excessively time intensive. Beyond this barrier to a timely resolution of the GNETS dispute, Judd notes that new leadership at the Department of Justice could entail further delay.

DOJ Documents

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