Friday, February 4, 2011

Rome Hospital Closure

State official wants quality care for NWGRH patients by Doug Walker

Legislators Hear Concerns About Northwest Georgia Regional Closing Rome News February 1, 2010
Problems Mental Health Closings Outlined -- Augusta Chronicle February 1, 2010
Meeting on Rome Hospital Closing Draws Hundreds -- Rome News, January 20, 2011
Rome at Forefront Mental Health Overhaul -- Georgia Health News January 14, 2011
Closing Rome Hospital -- Impact on Water Costs, Rome News January 2011

NPR and Other News Stories on Olmstead

Care at Home: A New Civil Right? Joseph Shapiro, December 2010
Justice Increases Effort to Implement Olmstead Joseph Shapiro, December 2010
A New Civil Right Looks for Stronger Enforcement Joseph Shapiro, December 2010
Youth in Nursing Homes Seek Alternative Care -- Joseph Shapiro, December 2010
Families Fight to Care for Children with Disabilities at Home -- Joseph Shapiro, December 2010
Home Care Might Be Cheaper, But States Still Fear It -- Joseph Shapiro, December 2010
Settlements in Mental Health Cases Face Scrutiny, by Ari Shapiro March 30, 2009
NPR's Coverage of Oral Argument of 1999 Olmstead Case (requires special media player)
New York Times 1999 Editorial Regarding Olmstead Case
Atlanta Legal Aid Society

Copy of Olmstead Decision

Olmstead Decision

Georgia Crisis & Access Line

Copy of 2010 Georgia DOJ Settlement

Justice Department Press Release 2010 Settlement