Monday, May 23, 2011

Link to 2011 UCP Report ranking states in inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities through Medicaid

Supported Employment Information and Links

October 2010 Settlement Supported Employment Slots:  FY 11 -- 70, FY 12 -- 170, FY 13 -- 440, FY 14 -- 500, FY 15 -- 550

APSE  is a main umbrella/advocacy organization for supported employment in the country.  They have           lots of resources and publications about supported employment, some are for a fee. 

Georgia APSE is our state's APSE chapter, which does great work and advocacy for supported employment. 

 Supported Employment Fidelity Scale (2008 draft):  There is a scale for best practices for supported employment.  It includes the following as best practices:   (1) Ongoing, work-based vocational assessment (assessments are not one time for right job and support needs but constant – also assessments at first are supposed to be profiles that do not take long and delay job search); (2) Rapid job search for competitive job (the search for a job should start no more than 30 days from initial meeting); (3)  Competitive jobs (the type of job sought and obtained should be for competitive wages in integrated setting (not primarily people with disabilities) that are permanent not temporary and full time not part time); (4) time unlimited follow along supports (supports should be forever); (5) Employment services are done in the community including (meeting with    participant, job finding, follow-along assessments).

SAMHSA, which is the federal Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration has multiple guides to creating supported employment programs with lots of research on evidence-based best practices. 

Georgia Providers of Supported Employment: (please suggest additional links)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Bill Janes announced that today is his last day as the Olmstead Coordinator for Georgia. This is a huge loss for the state and for people with disabilities. The advocacy community was united in asking Governor Deal to allow Mr. Janes to continue as Olmstead Coordinator.