Monday, March 9, 2015

DBHDD Institutes New Vision and Mission Statement

DBHDD unveiled new vision and mission statements this week emphasizing the agency’s commitment to providing high-quality care to people with behavioral health challenges and intellectual and developmental disabilities. Vision Easy access to high-quality care that leads to a life of recovery and independence for the people we serve. Mission Leading an accountable and effective continuum of care to support people with behavioral health challenges, and intellectual and developmental disabilities in a dynamic health care environment. “At every level of our work, we are committed to providing easy access to high-quality care,” said Commissioner Berry. “The new vision and mission statements reflect the work we have focused on for the last several years.” This marks the first change to DBHDD’s vision and mission statements since the agency was created in 2009.

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Find out about the ASO because it is critical to future of Olmstead in Georgia

Follow this link to learn about DBHDD's ASO It is going to do the work of quality management, contract or run GCAL, and gather data. Here is a power point to understand it all (or to begin to understand it).