Monday, June 20, 2011

Atlanta Legal Aid Lawyer Sue Jamieson and Olmstead Plaintiff Lois Curtis Travel to White House to meet President Obama

In celebration of the 12th anniversary of the landmark Olmstead v. LC & EW decision by the United States Supreme Court, President Barack Obama met with lead attorney Sue Jamieson and surviving client Lois Curtis today in the Oval Office. The Olmstead case, widely described as the Brown v. Board of Education of disability rights cases, established the right of people with mental disabilities to live in community with proper supports as a civil right.   

Since leaving a revolving door of institutions in the wake of Olmstead, Lois has reinvented herself as a folk artist, and she presented the President a self-portrait from her collection.  Lois' story will be featured today on the  White House Disability Blog.

Sue, a pioneering legal advocate for the disabled, brought Olmstead before the Court in 1999 after witnessing the plights of countless people like Lois. Sue, Lois and late co-plaintiff,  Elaine Wilson, stand as symbols of freedom and the power of the law to serve as the agent for change  for disability advocates across the nation.


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